Vendallion® E-Commerce
& Omnichannel Marketing Automation Suite:
Friendly to the modern enterprise

Find out why hundreds of corporations are moving to Vendallion®,
both as their e-commerce platform as well as their online and offline
marketing automation software.

Key features:

  1. Available both on-premise and on the cloud
  2. Integrated omnichannel automations, both for the online and the offline world
  3. Sophisticated conversion-leveraging tools
  4. Cost-minimizing shortcuts for daily operations
  5. Enterprise-level architecture for large-scale / high availability installations with unlimited scalability (both for the cloud and the on-premise installations through CDNs, Farms and Clusters)
  6. Easy, seamless integration with existing systems. Rich arsenal of ready out-of-the-box connectors (payment gateways / shipping & fullfilment / tracking scripts / analytics / helpdesk systems / ERP systems / CRM systems etc)
  7. Full extensibility and rich API, allowing easy upgrades and adaptation of new versions
  1. Special tools for the Project manager and the Consultant, allowing easy alignment of all teams regarding the installation, frequent iterations and deployments of new features
  2. Friendly to the non-technical designer and UX analyst, allowing heavy UX and graphics customizations, with zero technical interference.
  3. Fast learning curves of both business and technical teams via Vendallion’s detailed documentation on all components.
  4. Unparalleled personal support
  5. Rich product roadmap and continuous delivery of new features
  6. Unique maturity through 16 years of continuous development and active installations
  7. Low overall cost of ownership & maintenance

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